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WPA, CCC, New Deal

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7 Reasons to be Confident about Civic's Future

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1.  We have a wonderful and practical vision

2.  Civic Stadium and the community have a strong emotional connection

3.  Ours is a community that rallies to worthwhile causes

4.  It is the perfect place in the perfect place

5.  It’s right for Eugene in the twenty-first century

6.  It doesn’t compete with more urgent needs

7.  It will be a community builder

Meetings and Events

FoCS Work Party and Update Schedule:

• The Kiva Benefit for Civic - percentage of sales every Sunday

• Bagel Sphere Benefit for Civic - percentage of sales every Monday

• Work Party - Civic Stadium, Saturday, April 26, 1-3pm

• Capella Benefit for Civic - percentage of sales Wednesday, May 7

• Tsunami Books Benefit for Civic - percentage of sales every second Saturday

• Watch this space for changes and additions

Stadium Location

20th Ave and Oak St

Eugene, Oregon

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P.O. Box 50622  •  Eugene  •  Oregon  •  97405