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Four Ways to Make a Donation

Thank you for being willing to help us secure the future of Civic Stadium and prepare it for the 21st century.  There are four ways to donate:

PLACE YOUR DONATION IN ESCROW:  Making your donation this way means that, if the stadium is demolished you will get a full refund.  Click here for everything you need know to make an escrow donation.

Secure On-line Credit Card Donation - This is currently the only way we have for you to donate by credit card.  There are two other advantages: (1) if you are willing to give this way, we can use your donation to advocate for Civic Stadium right now and (2) you can use the tax deduction right away.  (The escrow account cannot be used until we get control of the site so the tax deduction cannot be taken until then).  We use PayPal but you do not need a PayPal account to contribute by credit card.  PayPal provides this service to non-profits for less than 3% of your donation.  Please click the "Donate" button below for a straight donation.  These donations cannot be placed in escrow.

By Check - Friends of Civic Stadium receives the full amount of your tax deductible donation and you can deduct it right away. 

Please mail to:

Friends of Civic Stadium

P.O. Box 50622,

Eugene, Oregon  97405


In Person - Come to one of the many community events at which we have an information table.  Big bonus for us:  We get the thank you in person!

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Late info is on Facebook and Twitter

• Sundance Foods for Civic - percentage of sales every Saturday

• Sunday, July 27 – tabling at FAN Picnic, Washington Park, 5-8

• The Kiva Benefit for Civic - percentage of sales every Sunday

• Sundance Wines Benefit for Civic - percentage of sales every Sunday

• Bagel Sphere Benefit for Civic - percentage of sales every Monday

• Thursday, July 31 – tabling at Jefferson/Westside Picnic, Monroe Park, 5-8

• Friday, August 1 – tabling at Ems game ,7 – Grateful Dead night

• Saturday, August 2 – tabling at the Whiteaker Block Party, 11am-10pm

• Work Party - Sunday, August 3, 10am-noon (tour at 11:30)

• Tuesday, August 5 - tabling at Ems game, 7 – All-Star Game

• Tsunami Books Benefit for Civic - percentage of sales every second Saturday

• Arriving by Bike Benefit for Civic - percentage of sales every second Saturday


Stadium Location

20th Ave and Oak St

Eugene, Oregon

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P.O. Box 50622  •  Eugene  •  Oregon  •  97405