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Reason Number 1 for Confidence in a Civic Future

1.  We have a wonderful and practical vision

The pathway from the of Civic today to something like the Civic on the website would probably be accomplished by the new owners in phases that might include:  1) acquire the site from 4J, 2) fix the leaky roof, replace the field and make the repairs necessary to start hosting events, 3) begin operations for local sports and entertainment while phasing in improvements and 4) continue adding features that will make Civic more and more special.  The feasibility report we’ve developed shows how it is possible for management of Civic Stadium to break-even with or without a commitment from a professional soccer team although that would be welcomed and make development easier.

Rehabilitation of the stadium would yield substantial benefits to Civic Stadium’s current owner, School District 4J, for which it is currently unused surplus property.  This is because it will be a facility in which the community’s children will be both inspired by the high quality athletics they will see on the field and be able to actually be the athletes on the field (no matter their age or skill levels).  Of importance to 4J, too, is that providing wholesome activities in the famously family-friendly venue is a positive way to prevent youth crime and gang activity.  When 4J accepted the gift of Civic in 1938 they took on the stewardship of a symbol of the community that came together to build it for its children.  Assuring a renewal of that stewardship will bring 4J the goodwill of that same community.

Download the FoCS Feasibility Report for Civic Stadium


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Civic's 76th Birthday Party (and cleanup) and TOUR at Civic - Saturday, October 18, 10am-noon.  Treats compliments of VooDoo Doughnuts.

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