Civic Stadium History

Constructed as a cooperative between the Eugene Board of Trade, Eugene Public School District No. 4, and the Works Progress Administration, Civic Stadium is Important into the evolution of the nation’s favored pastime, and is among the oldest extant ballparks from the USA. It has been owned and run by the 4J School District of Eugene because the property was ceded to the city in 1938. For two years the stadium served as the home of the Eugene Emeralds, a small league baseball team. In Sept 2009 professional baseball left the stadium and 6 months past the school district terminated all utilization of the stadium favoring vacancy.

Today, the whole property is available with little weight being given to suggestions for preservation. When Restore Oregon sent from the call for nominations, not just one, but two nominations have been submitted for Civic.

Among the two nominators summed it up best, stating: The wooden grandstand, the hand operated scoreboard and the opinion of the moonrise on the hills to the east all combined for a link through time between the families of today and buddies, as well as friends and families going back to the 1930 s. The site was initially pictured and has always been utilized as a neighborhood gathering place, and it was built in substantial part by volunteers that embody that spirit, said Dave Galas, the managing director of Lane United, who also sits at the Eugene Civic Alliance.

I am just glad that the neighborhood, even 75 years on, awakened and was able to conserve it as a space that everybody can benefit from. Lane United has for ages was cited as future tenant of a stadium, but the Eugene Civic Alliance’s program makes it very clear that many others may benefit from the renovations too. Kidsports would be assisted immeasurably with its own gym space in the shape of a fieldhouse that’s meant to be constructed on the property, and many outdoor field sports are going to be capable to use a new playing surface which would be set up.

I have constantly Civic Stadium seen as the perfect place for LUFC, however we need to take good care to do what is right for your club and what is right for the community. The research I have done bears that out, that it is ideal for all, due to the walkability, bikeability, integration with the surrounding area, access to public transit.

The Eugene Emeralds endorsement of the Civic Alliance shows their dedication to the community, and that having a multi use facility such as this, wonderful for families, sports fans, actually for any sort of event, near the center of the city only makes town much more appealing, to an outsider or to much more attractive, to an outsider or to citizens, equally. Lane United to play at Civic finishing the renovations that would enable Lane United to play at Civic will be early.