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A Boost for Civic from our Business Partners - Donating a Percentage of Sales to Restoring Civic Stadium

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     Tsunami Books, Capella Market, Bagel Sphere and The Kiva have generously offered to donate a percentage of sales to the Civic Stadium Rehabilitation Escrow Fund*!  Now you can support Civic by supporting these wonderful local businesses.

(*Tsunami Books - second Saturdays; Capella Market - May 7; Bagel Sphere - every Monday; The Kiva - every Sunday.)

And More Thanks

for the letters written, public demonstrations and generous donations made by supporters like you (including the Red Aces pictured below).  You made possible the City of Eugene's willingness to give Civic a chance and the 4J School Board vote to put community ahead of money.  Now we have the opportunity to prove that the financial support is there to assure a long and wonderful future for Civic Stadium.

We are very hopeful that the $3 million needed to get Civic into operation will be raised. Let's really put forth a Community effort.  Please consider pitching in by contributing to the effort - click on the Donate Now button above to do so.  The community rallied to build Civic in 1938 with donations large and small.  Let's do the same to bring Civic back.  Thanks to all!


The Red Aces Show their Support for Civic!  Too Cool!

Friends of Civic Stadium is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. 

Donations are tax deductible





Escrow Contributing Now Available!

Friends of Civic Stadium has opened an Escrow Account with Evergreen Land Title.

The purpose of this account is to raise funds to show the City Council that the community is behind the efforts for the re-use and revitalization of Historic Civic Stadium.  These funds would only be used for construction and remodeling costs necessary to enable Civic Stadium to reopen for public use as a sports and entertainment venue.  And if we don't succeed all escrow money is refunded to you -- in full.

The City of Eugene has submitted a bid to use Parks Bonds money to purchase the Civic site from 4j School District.  The offer becomes official only if $3 million is committed by donors in case it is needed for upkeep and renovation.  Every dollar in this escrow account gets the city offer closer to being official so here's . . .

How to Make a Contribution Now - Including Escrow



 Happy 75th Birthday, Civic Stadium - Oct. 20, 2013



A brief review of recent activity around Civic Stadium:

  • The Y and Fred Meyer have put in bids for the site that FoCS opposes because either one would demolish the stadium

  • The City of Eugene has made a proposal that would preserve the stadium.  We support the city's bid!

  • There are now three Eugene Professional Development League teams that could play in Civic.

What you can do:

  • Follow the news and let your opinions be heard

  • Let the 4J School Board (board@4j.lane.edu) and City Council (mayorcouncilandcitymanager@ci.eugene.or.us) know that you support a solution that preserves the stadium. 

  • Make a tax deductible donation to support FoCS advocacy efforts (click the Donate Now button above)

  • Look at our vision of a refurbised Civic Stadium below and on the pages of this website

 Yes, Civic Stadium is at risk.  But . . .


Are You a Friend of Civic Stadium?

You are a Friend of Civic Stadium and this website is yours if you:

  • enjoyed Civic Stadium when it was in use
  • think this 75 year-old landmark deserves preservation
  • like the idea of encouraging active play for our kids (and adults) or
  • think the best use of the Civic property is recreation or
  • would like to see a revitalized Civic host sports and entertainment anew

Drawings of a Renovated Civic Stadium

Civic_Perspective1_Final_150_11x17.jpg Civic_Perspective2_Final_150_11x17.jpg

Drawings by Cameron McCarthy

made possible with a grant from Historic Preservation League of Oregon.

When it comes to Civic Stadium -

Civic Stadium Video Part Two:  The Site

Check out this video from Scoop McGuire

Download Escrow Documents

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7 Reasons to be Confident about Civic's Future

(Click the reason for more)

1.  We have a wonderful and practical vision

2.  Civic Stadium and the community have a strong emotional connection

3.  Ours is a community that rallies to worthwhile causes

4.  It is the perfect place in the perfect place

5.  It’s right for Eugene in the twenty-first century

6.  It doesn’t compete with more urgent needs

7.  It will be a community builder

Meetings and Events

FoCS Work Party and Update Schedule:

• EWEB Earth Day Celebration, all day, Saturday, April 19 - come visit our table at the EWEB headquarters by the Ferry St. Bridge

• The Kiva Benefit for Civic - percentage of sales every Sunday

• Bagel Sphere Benefit for Civic - percentage of sales every Monday

• Work Party (tentative) - Civic Stadium, Saturday, April 26, 1-3pm

• Capella Benefit for Civic - percentage of sales Wednesday, May 7

• Tsunami Books Benefit for Civic - percentage of sales every second Saturday

• Watch this space for changes and additions

Stadium Location

20th Ave and Oak St

Eugene, Oregon

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P.O. Box 50622  •  Eugene  •  Oregon  •  97405